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Using dumbbells and kettlebells in your training

Blanche and Esther compare and contrast dumbbells vs. kettlebells.

How to train through the lens of seasonal, monthly and weekly goals

Blanche and Esther get into the nitty-gritty of how to plan workouts in weeklong increments to stay focused on your goals and

Season 2 is here!

Blanche and Esther are back with Season 2 after 2 years of being on air. Let's catch up on where we were when we started and how we've grown since then.

Are mobility and flexibility the same?

Blanche and Esther define flexibility and mobility, explain why they're not interchangeable and talk about how to incorporate them into your fitness growth.

Resistance bands: the silent heroes of home gyms

Blanche and Esther talk about how vital resistance bands are to rounding out your fitness routine in this week's episode.

How the focus on "getting your body back" fails new moms

Blanche and Esther have another fitness industry myth-busting episode, this time talking about the

Overtraining vs. under-recovery: what's the difference

Blanche and Esther talk about what happens when we take on too much load and how to break free from the mindset and habits that lead to overtraining/underrecovery.

How to build sustainable strength gains

Blanche and Esther talk about pillars that go into building sustainable strength

Feeling 2022

Blanche and Esther ring in the new year.

Breathwork for performance

Blanche and Esther dig into the simple but effective ways to improve breath economy to then improve performance.

Breathwork for stress management

Blanche and Esther deep dive into why breathing helps relieve stress

Formula for progress when looking bump up your workout

Blanche and Esther share how to progress your workout for gaining strength

How to get back to working out after birth or injury

Blanche and Esther discuss rebuilding a foundation when returning to working out and talk about the difference between acute vs. chronic workloads.

4 questions to ask when planning vacation workouts

With the holidays around the corner, Blanche and Esther talk through 4 questions you'll need to ask yourself when thinking about working out while on vacation

Putting in the work

Blanche and Esther talk about the lesson they've learned through fitness of forgoing the shortcuts and working to achieve goals.

Top 3 post-workout recovery practices

Blanche and Esther run through a quick checklist of things that will give you the most bang for your buck after your workout

Eccentric training for strength

Blanche and Esther talk about reasons to add eccentric training into your workout plan.

Fitness Fads: HIIT for fat loss

Blanche and Esther dissect the topic of what the purpose of HIIT workouts are and why they are not successful for weight loss

Can I still workout when I'm in pain?

Blanche and Esther talk about how to know whether or not you can still move when you're experiencing pain/injury in today's episode.

Fav gym machines

Blanche and Esther share their go-to gym machines for getting swole

Fat loss, weight loss and body composition with Coach Sarah Emma

Blanche and Esther enter a deep dive into how to successfully train for weight loss, fat loss and body composition with Level TEN Coach Sarah Emma

Fitness fads: Why melting that muffin top doesn't work

Blanche and Esther are breaking down the fitness fad of Spot Reducing on this week's episode.

Work (out) smarter not harder

Blanche and Esther ask whether working out harder is worth the time and effort your putting into it

Map out success, part 3: reaching the pinnacle

Blanche and Esther discuss cues our bodies give us when we are at the pinnacle of success, whether falling short of our goal is failure and how to plan for the next st...

Map out success, part 2: don't get stuck on a plateau

Ever feel like you're not moving forward closer to your fitness goals? Blanche and Esther talk about what factors play a role in getting stuck in the middle ground.

Map out success, part 1: build your basics

Blanche and Esther talk about managing expectations for movement at the most foundational level of building success in your workouts

Invest in yourself

Blanche and Esther talk about what investing in yourself looks like at different increments and what how to spot red flags when searching for a fitness program/coach.

Treat yo' self: dissecting rewards mentality

Blanche and Esther talk about having a balanced view of rewards that add value to our lives and are less like chasing a carrot that's dangling in front of you.

Squat vs. Deadlift

Blanche and Esther differentiate between squats and deadlifts

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