4 questions to ask when planning vacation workouts

With the holidays around the corner, Blanche and Esther talk through 4 questions you'll need to ask yourself when thinking about working out while on vacation
Whether you're sipping something sweet out of a coconut on the beach, hitting the slopes or visiting family anywhere in between, Blanche and Esther are talking about vacation workouts in today's episode and 4 questions to ask when planning your swole away from home.

Weekly update
01:15 Blanche's week
03:38 Esther's week

05:17 What workouts can you do with just your body?
05:38 Mobility flows and movements to recover from the trip and travelling
06:40 Performance drills to work on solidifying form
07:42 Plyometrics (or explosive body-weight movements) such as squat jumps, box jumps, plyo lunges, mountain climbers, etc.
08:28 Performance care segments prioritizing quality over quantity
09:37 Adding in negatives to your workout
10:05 What can you bring?
11:23 What is accessible to you on this vacation?
12:12 What would be unique to the area you're visiting?
14:27 What is feasible?

Applicable tip
16:50 Plan for the best but prepare for the worst

Get Moving
17:46 Glute bridges + leg circles

Rooted Strength Updates
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