6 steps to practice mastery in a movement

Blanche and Esther talk about the importance of engaging your muscles by mastering a particular movement.

Today’s episode is all about mastering a movement with an emphasis on continual moderate effort over perfection. When your focus is on perfection, you can lose sight of overall progress.  So let's instead hone in on the basics to achieve mastery in your movements.

00:43 Weekly update
11:46 What is the difference between "mastery" and "perfection"
13:59 Perfection can be limiting; mastery is about exploring
15:26 Principles to master a movement. Step 1: It’s ok to be bad at something and work at getting good at it.
17:06 Step 2: Start small; start slow
19:05 Step 3: Give your warmups/cooldowns just as much importance as your workout
20:21 Step 4: Active engagement is better than muscling through a workout
23:09 Active engagement may mean you need to scale down the number of reps on your excercise
23:29 Step 5: The enemy of mastery is novelty.
24:10 Jen Comas from Girls Gone Strong Blog: 5 Fitness Myths That Are Ruining Your Results
26:14 Step 6: With mastery, time is on your side

Applicable tip
29:34 Esther's tip is to take 2 movements (one new, one familiar) and break them down to master them
30:52 Blanche's tip is to do something you suck at

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