Breathwork for stress management

Blanche and Esther deep dive into why breathing helps relieve stress
Stress isn't just seasonal. Though we always hear "just breathe" to calm us down, how do we actually do that to help manage stress and why does it work? Blanche and Esther deep dive into three factors to consider when breathing to alleviate stress and walk through a few breathing exercises with measurable results.

00:45 Esther's weekly update
06:39 Blanche's weekly update
12:00 Breathwork is Strategy No. 1
13:45 Why is breathwork for stress relief important?
17:35 Physical results when we are chronically not breathing well
18:45 The mechanics of breathing
23:19 Analyzing CO2 tolerance
24:42 CO2 tolerance test
27:34 Breathing exercise for increasing CO2 tolerance: Apnea walks
30:15 How breathing affects your state
32:00 Breathing exercise when feeling flooded/overstimulated: 2 stacked inhales with one focused exhale
33:35 Breathing exercise when exhausted: sharp, quick inhale with forceful exhale through your mouth

Applicable tips
36:11 Esther's applicable tip: Analyze your lung capacity
36:15 Blanche's applicable tip: Do the CO2 tolerance test

Get Moving
37:15 Fire Hydrants

Rooted Strength Updates
40:08 Prenatal programming is live. Sign up or check out all of Blanche's other coaching packages available here.

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