How to build sustainable strength gains

Blanche and Esther talk about pillars that go into building sustainable strength
With each new year, we want to get stronger, but how do we take that goal and make it happen?
Blanche and Esther talk about how to build sustainable strength gains throughout the episode clearly defining where we are, what we can commit to and how to adjust our mentality to perform with grit, growth, gratitude and grace.

01:30 What are sustainable strength gains?
02:50 First off, let's start by knowing where we are
02:57 Goal setting and habit building get a plan in place
04:47 Honest evaluation of output you're capable of committing to - strength abilities, time available, resources and load
08:55 Once you know where you are, you can start to plan out where you are going
09:14 Have a training plan
11:11 Have a timeline
13:37 Switch up the workouts but keep a sustained, consistent effort on target muscle groups
15:51 After knowing where you are and where you want to go, keep in mind and know when to back off
17:16 When you're creating a training plan, plan in rest days
18:21 Plan in active recovery activities
19:32 Establish the difference between strength and strain

Pillars to sustainable strength gains
21:15 Grit: It will be tough but it should not break you
21:48 Growth: Progressive growth rather than relentless effort (building is better than burnout)
22:15 Grace: It won’t be perfect, that’s okay. Give yourself grace in the journey.
22:39 Gratitude: Take time to allow yourself to appreciate the progress made

Applicable tip
23:55 Pick one of those pillars (grit, growth, grace, gratitude) and mull it over this week as you look to build strength in your plan

Get Moving
24:33 The Arnold Press

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