Can I still workout when I'm in pain?

Blanche and Esther talk about how to know whether or not you can still move when you're experiencing pain/injury in today's episode.
When injury comes to us (and it will come to us all at different levels), how do we know whether we can keep working out and moving? Blanche and Esther dive deep into specifics on what factors to keep in mind for recovery, movement and rest to heal fully.

Weekly update
00:51 Blanche's update
03:50 Esther's update

08:13 Know where your pain is coming from. If you haven't listened to our first episode on this, go back to episode 63 and listen first.
09:30 If you know you can move, modify your workouts
10:55 Know your pain
11:03 Match your pain level with physical signals your body is giving you
12:42 Four rules to help navigate pain with your movement
13:00 Rule #1 Your pain level needs to be and stay under a Level 4 out of 10 while working out
13:51 Rule #2 Your pain needs to stop when your movement stops
14:26 Rule #3 Your pain needs to at least stay the same OR get better with more reps.
15:44 Rule #4 Your pain needs to calm down within 48 hours.
17:15 Rest and recovery have to take a big priority as you're healing
18:42 Acute pain is different from any other kind of pain: treat with 7-14 days and then have a controlled movement pattern
23:36 Alexi Pappas Instagram post: "We too easily see our pain as weakness to conquer rather than an injury to heal."

Actionable tip
27:38 Esther's actionable tip: Put your ego aside
29:31 Blanche's actionable tip: Train different parts of your body

Get Moving
31:33 Z-sit push press

Rooted Strength Update
32:55 Blanche's apparel line is live and up until Sunday, Oct. 10. Shop the new Rooted Strength line here.

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