Eccentric training for strength

Blanche and Esther talk about reasons to add eccentric training into your workout plan.
This week we're jumping right into Eccentric training. Maybe you've heard about this style of movement, but you've never really tried it or understood what the purpose was. We're hoping this episode clears those questions up for you and encourages you to add this focus into your workouts for some fun strength-building routines. 

Weekly update
00:50 Blanche's week
04:36 Esther's week

07:00 What is eccentric training?
07:31 Phases of movement and their purposes
07:50 Why are they also called negatives?
08:31 Eccentric training for recovery: engaging different muscles
08:56 Highlighting the cracks in your foundation of movement
10:11 Eccentric movements create more force with less energy
10:55 The goal isn't to increase weight. The goal is to increase control.
11:20 Add the negative to get a handle on harder workouts that might be out of your reach at the present
12:02 How do you train eccentric movements: Tempo
12:23 Let's define tempo
13:50 What should I start with?
14:24 Workout examples for eccentric training

Actionable tip:
15:01 Make one movement eccentric focused

Get moving:
15:43 Step-downs and lateral step-downs

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