Fat loss, weight loss and body composition with Coach Sarah Emma

Blanche and Esther enter a deep dive into how to successfully train for weight loss, fat loss and body composition with Level TEN Coach Sarah Emma
Ok. We've talked at length about unhealthy relationships with fitness training and weight loss. Let's counter that with helpful information on what exactly is a good relationship to have when you want to change how your body looks. We're doing that today with Sarah Emma of Level TEN Coaching, and can't wait for you to join us.

01:11 Blanche's experience of hiring Sarah as a coach
03:10 Defining weight loss and fat loss and body composition
04:24 Biggest misconceptions about body composition training
09:05 What does calorie counting with the wrong emphasis on macros do when we are strength training?
11:03 What are some physical cues that our bodies give us to indicate that we are underfueling?
15:34 Do you have to pick between weight loss and getting strong?
17:57 What can people expect when they hire you as a coach?
20:41 What do you recommend measure out progress for people who have a complicated relationship with the scale?
32:28 Why are daily scale check-ins beneficial?
33:55 What about those who have fitness fatigue and are tired of trying just another program. How is Level TEN coaching with you different and how could it benefit someone in that position? 
38:31 Find Sarah Emma at @sarah.emma.strength on Instagram

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