Fav gym machines

Blanche and Esther share their go-to gym machines for getting swole
Ok. So if you've ever known you need to get to the gym, but then once you're there have a whole deer in the headlights moment, this episode is for you. Blanche and Esther talk about their favorite workout equipment to hit up on your next gym visit.

Weekly update
01:03 Blanche's week
05:19 Esther's week

05:22 Seated Overhead Press
07:10 Treadmill
09:12 Rower
10:22 Lat Pulldown/Cable Machine
14:12 Leg Press
15:07 Assisted Pull-Up Machine

Acctionable tip
17:14 Have a gym gameplan but be flexible
19:26 Take videos for progress

Get Moving
20:11 Dynamic planks, part 4
Hands to forearms planks

Rooted Strength Update
21:08 Blanche's Blossom Strong Program starts planning for in-person coaching for pregnant or postpartum women in 2022. Sign up for the waitlist here!

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