Fitness Fads: HIIT for fat loss

Blanche and Esther dissect the topic of what the purpose of HIIT workouts are and why they are not successful for weight loss
Today we're getting past the fitness fad of High Intensity Interval Training and getting into what is helpful, where it fails and what to keep in mind next time you add a HIIT workout into your training.

1:10 What are HIIT workouts?
3:04 How much time should you spend in HIIT intervals? Let's talk about the balance of work ratio
4:19 Goals for HIIT workouts: quality reps or work capacity
06:21 Introduction to high-intensity workouts
07:33 HIIT is effective when you're looking to change up your routine
08:13 HIIT is effective when you're short on time
09:07 HIIT is effective for full-body workouts

Actionable tip
12:04 Choose your adventure: Before you start a HITT workout, decide whether you want to focus on quality reps or work capacity.

Get Moving
12:50 Shinbox press

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