Fitness fads: Why melting that muffin top doesn't work

Blanche and Esther are breaking down the fitness fad of Spot Reducing on this week's episode.
Urghhhhh. We can just picture it now, some social media fitness model with .3 percent body fat pointing out how you can get rid of the fat around that one particular body part you always criticize in the mirror. The term for that particular fitness fad is spot reducing, and today, Blanche and Esther are breaking down why it doesn't work.

Weekly update
01:03 Blanche's week
05:19 Esther's week

07:56 What is spot reducing?
09:16 Problematic language to describe your body parts
09:45 If our words are harsh, how much more so are our workouts going to be?
11:50 Why doesn't this work?
12:00 Target is too small; workouts are not effective
15:17 Body's adipose tissue doesn't just leave because you grow muscle is a specific spot
16:02 Spot reducing can lead to muscle imbalances in your body

Get Moving
31:40 Dynamic planks, part 3
Planks with shoulder touches

Rooted Strength Update
19:54 Blanche's Goal Setting power hours coming soon!

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