Formula for progress when looking bump up your workout

Blanche and Esther share how to progress your workout for gaining strength
Today we're talking about how to know when you can or cannot add that extra 5 pounds to your workout.

Weekly update
01:00 Blanche's week
04:55 Esther's week

08:51 Basic formula for how to progress your workout
09:30 Too little stress won't lead to adaptation. Too much stress exceeds capacity to adapt.
10:50 The first factor for progress is how long have you been doing the movement
13:30 The second factor for progress is how is your body responding to external stressors
14:40 "There is a fine line when running tends to add stress rather than help relieve stress"
17:40 Practical examples for progressing your workout
19:21 Remember to isolate progress and focus on only progressing one variable at a time
20:30 Not every workout should be progressing
21:00 Indicators that you are exceeding your capacity and overtraining
27:10 Remember to add in progressive deload weeks

Actionable tip
29:13 Esther's tip: know where you are to progress
30:30 Blanche's tip: go for the progression

Get Moving
Fartleks - 1 min run, 2 min rest, 2 min run, 1 min res

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