How the focus on "getting your body back" fails new moms

Blanche and Esther have another fitness industry myth-busting episode, this time talking about the
We're onto another myth-busting episode, and we're pulling out all the red flags calling out body-back culture. Rather than focusing on shedding the pounds, Blanche and Esther talk about the mindset that lies beneath the desire and give three practical applications for when you feel yourself slipping into an unhealthy relationship with weight loss in the postpartum stage.

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Let's chat about tackling the myth of getting your body back postpartum.
09:41 Your body never left you though we may not look the same. 
10:04 We are complex organisms that are meant to change, grow and adapt to the demands placed on in - pregnancy and postpartum included.
11:14 What is associated with wanting that past body? Was is confidence, comfort, a certain sense of familiarity when everything else feels different and new and hard in motherhood?
12:58 Are we focusing on a mindset of takeaway? What would our lives look like if we focused on giving more?
19:00 What is tied to your desire to get back to your former size? Strength, value, fortitude and morality are not tied to your size.
19:40 Body back culture is sometimes just not realistic or attainable

Implementation Zone
22:22 Observe thoughts you have about your postpartum body. Try to focus on simply observing and not having emotions about those thoughts, act like they are data points.
26:00 Take the time to invest in yourself and buy clothes at your new size that promote confidence and fit you well.
28:48 Get curious about where you have let yourself starve for aesthetics or performance

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