How to get back to working out after birth or injury

Blanche and Esther discuss rebuilding a foundation when returning to working out and talk about the difference between acute vs. chronic workloads.
Ok. We're back at it this week talking about what to keep in mind when you get back to working out in your postpartum or post injury body. We want to talk about why it's important to look at the immediate and longterm stress of your workouts, the importance to rebuild your foundation and some questions to keep in the back of your mind as you evaluate the intensity of your workouts.

Weekly updates
00:58 Blanche's week in reivew
02:46 Esther's week in reivew

07:52 Why is it important to talk about acute and chronic workload and what role do they play in transitioning back into workouts
08:30 Helps us make informed decisions on the types of workouts we “can” do
08:55 Helps us manage expectations
09:21 Helps uderstand that different states may make us more susceptible to stressors that were not an issue before
09:41 Helps educate and empower us when to take our workout to the next level
10:28 Acute and chronic workloads defined
14:05 Building a workload is not a constant increase.
15:58 Blanche's experience with returning to working out and lessons to learn
22:00 Brief postpartum outline to returning to activity in postpartum
25:45 Disreguarind where we are in this season does our bodies vs. honoring our bodies where they are at this moment in time
28:15 Evaluation questions to keep in mind

Get Moving
32:51 Tempo pushups

Rooted Strength Coaching updates
35:41 Postpartum coaching series waitlist is live. Check out information on that and all of Blanche's other programming available by clicking on this link. 

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