How to "listen to your body"

Blanche and Esther demystify how to "listen to your body."

You always hear about the importance of listening to your body, but how exactly do you do that? Many times it feels like a "fold in the cheese, David" situation where it may feel like everyone talks about it, but there are no specific instructions on what exactly that means. Today, Blanche and Esther break down the concept and give specific questions to ask yourself to figure out what your body is communicating in relation to workouts, rest and nutrition.

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2:50 Let's break down what "listening to your body" means
4:00 Practice with a mini body scan
4:45 Get specific
6:25 Practice to be proactive with injury prevention
7:59 Listen to your body for workouts
10:17 We do these check-ins to create individualized workouts
11:20 Questions to ask between reps during a workout
12:57 Questions to ask with regards to pain in a workout
14:17 Scale of pain
18:20 Listen to your body for rest
19:14 Questions to ask about adding rest into your schedule
23:33 Listen to your body for nutrition
23:49 Questions to ask surrounding food
27:28 The potential that our body is communicating food allergies/aversions

Get Moving
31:51 Bulgarian Split Squats + mobility

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