Invest in yourself

Blanche and Esther talk about what investing in yourself looks like at different increments and what how to spot red flags when searching for a fitness program/coach.
Ok. Now that we talked about treating ourselves, let's take it one step further and expand through investing in ourselves. Today we're getting into the business of investments in light of health and fitness. We're not talking 401k or crypto currencies or anything along those lines. What we mean by investing in yourself, devoting time, energy, money, opportunity cost into catapulting yourself forward to accomplish your goals. And along the way, we'll talk about how to spot helpful information instead of something you'd just be throwing money at.

Weekly update
01:51 Esther's eating fruit and setting a sub-2-hour half marathon goal
06:55 Blanche's beach birthday vacay

11:40 What challenges do we face when we want to start investing? 
Types of investments
18:11 Information gathering: podcasts, books/audiobooks and videos
22:38 Hands-on investments: take a class, join a workshop, get a membership/subscription
24:00 Long-term health and fitness investments: hire a coach/nutritionist/dietician, invest in a training plan, attend a seminar, get a certification
27:25 Red flags and what to look out in a coach or training program
  1. Guaranteed aesthetic outcome for everyone 
  2. Preys on insecurities/body shaming to motivate 
  3. Promise quick results 
  4. Focus on intensity over form 
  5. Recommends changes that are too big and complex 
  6. Holds all the wisdom / gives just enough information until you sign up for the next paid program
  7. Mandatory supplements/additives to “ensure” progress.*
38:15 What to look for in a coach or training program 
  1. Education and empowerment to help you take charge of your own health and understand your body and your movements better 
  2. Focus on form - understanding your own body
  3. Strength and performance--Process over aesthetics
  4. Promotes attainable, measurable milestones/achievements
  5. Treats the individual learning as a whole person realizing that many factors 
  6. Certification or some type of education the program has invested in
Rooted Strength updates
Looking for an opportunity to invest in yourself? Sign up for the Rooted Strength Coaching Foundation's Workshop on July 24 that walks you through a joint-by-joint assessment that is designed to help you understand how to engage your body during movement and workouts

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