Map out success, part 1: build your basics

Blanche and Esther talk about managing expectations for movement at the most foundational level of building success in your workouts
We're kicking off a new mini series on how to build success in your workouts, and what better place to start than the very beginning? It all starts with a healthy understanding of what building your basics look like and what to expect as you get into or get back into your fitness. 

00:55 Weekly update
10:05 Expectations on how we move: What does starting off look like? 
10:54 Muscle soreness
12:53 Establish a routine
Expectations on how we plan
16:20 Find your why: Do you want speed, muscle building, strength, capacity, endurance, tempo/threshold training - then build your program around that first goal.
18:03 Find your season: Define where you are in life, building, rebuilding, maintenance, scaling or performance-driven.
18:35 Blanche's coach Sarah Emma (@sarah.emma.strength) and her example of waiting to do a cut because her season was not right
20:41 Find what you enjoy
23:09 Expectations on results
23:59 Emotional results
24:59 Energy results
27:20 Chemical results
30:20 Performance results
31:38 Physical results

Actionable tip
40:37 Define your goal and reason for working out. Need help goal setting? Check out the free Rooted Strength Coaching Goal-Setting Worksheet here

Get moving 

Rooted Strength Coaching Updates:
43:43 The Blossom Strong Fitness Program is open until the end of July. Also remote programming and coaching is available. Find out how to apply for both of these here!

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