Map out success, part 2: don't get stuck on a plateau

Ever feel like you're not moving forward closer to your fitness goals? Blanche and Esther talk about what factors play a role in getting stuck in the middle ground.
We're going deeper into our fitness journey as we climb up the mountain of success. But sometimes, we find ourselves leveling out without seeing any results. What do we do in this middle ground? Banche and Esther dive into factors and strategies for growing past this stage and accomplishing our goals.

Weekly update
01:01 Esther was inspired by all the Olympic athletes and moms including track and field phenom Allyson Felix. Check out her inspirational medal photo here
05:03 Blanche's week away from the kids
08:00 What are the factors of getting stuck in the middle ground
08:23 Factor #1: Under recovery/not fueling well
11:02 Factor #2: overtraining
16:14 Mindset check: Are you plateauing or are you actually getting stronger and adapting to stress?
20:15 Managing expectations and knowing that training age is important to consider when you're comparing yourself
22:20 So how do we get out of the middle ground?
22:30 Remind yourself where you started
23:12 Reassess goals when needed
25:02 Look at the subgoals that you've already accomplished
25:58 Don't belittle how powerful seemingly small changes can make in your training

Applicable tips
27:53 Blanche's book recommendation for supplemental reading if you find yourself stuck in the middle ground: Atomic Habits
28:26 Esther's book recommendation: Peak Performance

Get Moving
29:38 Deadbugs

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