Map out success, part 3: reaching the pinnacle

Blanche and Esther discuss cues our bodies give us when we are at the pinnacle of success, whether falling short of our goal is failure and how to plan for the next stage.
02:03 What is reaching the pinnacle of success? 
02:45 What physical cues do our bodies give us to show that we truly are at the top of our game
03:29 Indication #1: Our bodies are healthy while we accomplish goals
05:25 Performance / Ego / Health: which one is your priority?
07:00 Indication #2: Our bodies are breathing
09:02 Indication #3: Our bodies and minds are connected
10:20 Celebrate your wins
10:50 What happens if you miss the goal that you had in mind? Does that mean you failed? 
12:10 Three mindset check-in questions to ask to reframe your mindset to find success in training even if you don't hit your goal? 
  1. Ask yourself what did you learn about yourself from this training stage? 
  2. How have you become a stronger person from it? 
  3. What can you be grateful for from this experience? 

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