Pelvic floor health and fitness: Q&A with a pelvic floor pt

Blossom Strong Podcast welcomes its first guest Dr. Rebecca Maidansky, PT, DPT. Esther and Blache sit down with Rebecca - a pelvic floor physical therapist who owns Lady Bird Physical Therapy, a PT clinic in Austin, Texas - to talk about her expertise in pregnancy and postpartum management and recovery.

Cue "the more you know" rainbow. We have been counting down the days until we could release this episode, advocating for every woman to take control of their pelvic floor health through 1) education and awareness, 2) decision-making based on facts rather than fear and 3) exercise to strengthen all muscles in our bodies

Blanche and Esther welcome Dr. Rebecca on the podcast to talk about pelvic floor health and how it relates to having stronger, healthier bodies. Take this episode as an invitation to sit in and join the conversation as we ask Dr. Rebecca generalized questions on how to find the right specialist, how our bodies change through pregnancy and postpartum, what are the myths surrounding what is "normal" after birth, what exercises benefit our pelvic floor and how EVERYONE can benefit from pelvic floor education in our individual journeys of maintaining whole health and fitness.

02:15 How is visiting a pelvic floor therapist different from an OB visit?
05:48 What can people expect on their first visit to a pelvic floor physical therapist?
08:37 What are some physical cues that our bodies are telling us that it might be time to visit a pelvic floor pt?
10:24 How can we vet different pelvic floor pts and determine whether a specialist is right for us?
14:25 Should menstruation be a reason to reschedule a pelvic floor exam?
15:27 how do virtual appointments work?
17:28 The anatomy and function of the pelvic floor
21:05 Why is it important for people who are pregnant and postpartum to engage their pelvic floor muscles?
25:57 What is "normal" after birth when it comes to the pelvic floor?
29:47 Why is pelvic floor rehab important after c-section births?
33:41 What is prolapse? Is there hope after being diagnosed with bladder or rectal prolapse?
41:33 What are common exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor? Are Kegels the way to go?
45:12 How would visiting a pelvic floor pt help those who are between pregnancies or are thinking of becoming pregnant?
47:54 Have specific questions for Dr. Rebecca? Find her online at or on Instagram @ladybirdpt