Pregnancy mindset: "You're not broken, but also not invincible"

Let's dissect what we tell ourselves when we are training while pregant
Blanche and Esther dissect the phrase "you're not broken but also not invisible" that we hear so much during pregnancy. We talk about how to be strategic in planning your workouts and finding resilience as you strengthen your body and mind during this season. 

00:55 Weekly update
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09:45 "You're not broken..."
13:41 "You're also not invincible"
16:30 How is your pregnancy training affecting your long-term performance?
17:40 Physical feedback cues your body is giving you that you are overtraining in pregnancy
19:00 Are you taking into account emotional feedback?
19:48 If we're not broken but also not invincible, what are we?

Actionable tip of the week
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Get Moving
24:03 Lateral lunge

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