Putting in the work

Blanche and Esther talk about the lesson they've learned through fitness of forgoing the shortcuts and working to achieve goals.
There's no easy way to say this but shortcuts and sustainable fitness just don't go together. Unfortunately, there is no way to microwave muscles. So today, Blanche and Esther talk about the proven steps to make your work worthwhile. 

Weekly Update
00:42 Esther's update
02:41 Blanche's update (and all the sweet, noisy pets)

05:37 Life lessons we've learned from fitness
06:58 There are very few things we have to wait for except transformation. 
07:44 Short-term and long-term goals together help keep the temptations of taking shortcuts in check
08:37 Shortcuts and sustainable fitness don't quite fit together. You have to choose one or the other
09:45 You have to put in the work. What does that look like? 
09:51 Get on schedule and goal plan
11:13 Get a manageable, fun workout program
12:40 Increase incrementally for strength, speed, endurance
12:57 Plan in rest and recovery in your weekly workout plan and between programs
13:22 Give yourself the grace when you’ve run out of capacity
16:03 Praise the process you are in
17:01 Praise the progress you’ve made
18:08 Once your goal is completed, you get to plan out another goal

Actionable tip
19:12 At the goal-planning stage and need a little help? Check out Blanche's free downloadable Rooted Strength Coaching Goal-Setting Worksheet. Find more information on setting up a consultation with Blanche for her Goal Setting Power Hour here.

Get moving
19:40 Hip CARS (Controlled Articulated Rotation)

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