Squat vs. Deadlift

Blanche and Esther differentiate between squats and deadlifts
We're breaking down two of our go-to grunt-inducing workouts today: the squat and the deadlift.
We want to break down who can do these workouts, the benefits they produce, and a play-by-play on how to get it done.

01:12 Weekly update
07:41 Who can perform these movements?
08:36 Be strategic about our weight, load and capacity
09:01 What body parts do squat and deadlifts benefit?
09:43 Use squats and their variations to target muscles in your glutes, hamstrings, quads and core
11:32 Use squats to help build your posterior chain or the hamstrings, glutes, lower back muscles lats
15:19 Deadlift and squat setup
16:50 How do we do the deadlift?
19:00 How do we do the squat?
20:33 Let's talk breaking parallel in a squat
25:15 Deadlifts are hip-dominent
25:31 Squats are more knee dominent

Applicable tip
26:37 Practice these movements in front of a mirror to examine squat and deadlift form

Get moving
Squats & deadlifts

Rooted strength update
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