Taking the distractions out of listening to your body

Blanche and Esther identify four ways our brain tries to drown out the ability to listen to our bodies and how to silence those distractions.

It's our 50th episode, and we could not be more excited!
We continuing the discussion from last week on listening to our bodies. This week we really want to address the things that get in our way and keep us from listening well. So today, we're identifying ways that our brains tend to drown out our bodies' signals so that we can be aware and replace these habits. 

1:00 Weekly update
3:37 Why isn't listening to our bodies intuitive?
4:58 Overconfidence/Ego
6:10 Fear
9:53 Fear can amplify pain signal
11:15 Uncertainty
13:53 Negative self-talk
19:35 Need help managing these distractions? Maybe it would be helpful to hire a fitness coach.

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Actionable Tip
23:25 Esther's actionable tip is to identify the distraction
23:54 Blanche's tip is to research whether adding a fitness coach would be right for your fitness goals

Get Moving
25:45 Neck mobility/shoulder shrugs