Top 3 post-workout recovery practices

Blanche and Esther run through a quick checklist of things that will give you the most bang for your buck after your workout
You're on that countdown to the final squat of your workout, and you're so excited to drop your weight, drink some water and hop in the shower. Well, not so fast on that last one. On today's episode, we're talking about 3 best post-workout recovery practices to include before closing out and adding another workout in the books.

Weekly update
01:04 Blanche's update
03:14 Esther's update

07:51 "The only reason we workout is to recover." - Larry from Active Life
09:15 Recovery Tip #1: Walking/Movement
13:45 Recovery Tip #2: Mobility Flows/Performance Care segments
14:16 Why are mobility flows important?
14:48 What are Performance Care segments?
16:12 Recovery Tip #3: Fuel
18:30 What is the optimal time to eat post-workout?

Applicable Tip:
20:17 If you're running out of time and don't feel like you have time for recovery, shorten the workout.

Get Moving:
21:00 Farmer's Carry

Rooted Strength Coaching Updates
23:10 Blossom Strong Program, Blanche's remote prenatal and postpartum coaching, is opening up.

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