Train your mind-body connection

Blanche and Esther talk about the importance of shifting your mindset as you prepare workouts before and after baby and how breathing can bring restoration to a growing and healing body.

Welcome and weekly update
03:32 Train your mind
03:48 Create tailored workouts to prepare for baby
05:15 Reevaluate workouts and having the freedom to adjust or rest
06:24 Focusing of eccentric, isometric and concentric holds within movement
08:42 Take the opportunity to slow down and engage with our body/check on form
10:42 using mantras to enable your mind
12:03 Meditating on gratefulness
15:20 Train for birth with mind-to-body connection
16:29 What is diaphragmatic breathing?
26:42 What is connection breathing?
28:39 Connection breath or sucking in gut?
32:08 Using connection breath as core exercise
34:53 Connection breath exercise and questions
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Resources mentioned:
Diaphragmatic breaths
Connection breaths with Blanche
Activating transverse abdominals with connection breaths *we don't advise the abdominal tuck at the end for pregnant mommas or anyone who just had a C-section but definitely try the supine position to help feel the connection