Blanche and Esther are talking all about pain this week, what to do to prevent pain, what factors contribute to pain and weakness and what to do when you find yourself with that lingering irritation that will not go away on its own. So we're glad to have you here as we unpack all of that in today's episode.

Weekly update
01:00 Blanche's week
02:41 Esther week

08:38 What is pain?
09:03 Pain is caused by going beyond capacity
11:45 What are the factors of load and capacity that attribute to pain in fitness?
12:15 Factor #1: Bony abnormalities and body design
13:24 Factor #2 Flexibility and mobility limitations
14:23 Factor #3 Controlling recovery through sleep, diet, stress
15:24 Factor #4 Work/home life stress
16:20 Factor #5 Workouts
20:38 How do we decrease pain?
21:00 Moving but moving differently
23:33 Walking
24:30 Adding stabilization and mobility workouts to your plan
25:32 Strengthening accessory muscles

29:19 Actionable tip:
Assess sleep, diet and stress and see if you can easily decrease your overall load by increasing your recovery. Rate them on a scale from 1-5.

Get Moving
30:13 Dynamic planks, part 2
Walk out to planks

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