Work (out) smarter not harder

Blanche and Esther ask whether working out harder is worth the time and effort your putting into it
Thanks for joining us as we ask ourselves are we working out harder or smarter. What is the difference between the two? Is there any overlap? What questions can we ask to tell whether we are in fact working out smarter

Weekly update
01:42 Esther's week
07:00 Blanche's week

This week's episode is reminiscent of the Minimum Dose Effect episode we did a few months ago
12:40 Blanche's note this week heavily influenced by the book "Essentialism"
12:50 What if we could do the same but with less?
14:31 Decision fatigue for an overbusy mom that leads to just doing it all 
15:37 When we value working hard and we do work hard, we feel like we need to jump to the next thing
16:46 Novelty within the fitness industry can very easily turn into shiny object syndrome
23:49  “I've tried everything” usually means you have been consistent at nothing
25:14 Is there any overlap between working out smarter and working out harder
27:01 Practical questions to determine whether you’re working out smarter: 
27:24 Does it fit with my long-term goals?
27:37 Does it fit with the time that I have available to me?
28:47 Am I getting my workout in but at the expense of my mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual wellbeing? 
29:04 Am I sacrificing my warmup/cooldown to make sure I have the time and energy to get through the workout? 

30:19 Actionable tip: 
Ask yourself, “What is my priority?” Is there anything here that I’m just doing because it’s in the workout? Am I setting clear expectations before I even start my warmup? 

Get Moving
31:40 Dynamic planks, part 1
Side plank hip dips (pregnant mommas, check out this video for extra support)

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