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Pregnancy mindset: "You're not broken, but also not invincible"

Let's dissect what we tell ourselves when we are training while pregant

Trading fear for hope

Blanche and Esther talk about how fear affects our bodies, decision-making and mindset and what to do when we feel fear creep in.

Hi, Intensity

Blanche and Esther define types of high-intensity training, factors to remember when preparing for high-intensity workouts and pro-tips before you start sweating

6 steps to practice mastery in a movement

Blanche and Esther talk about the importance of engaging your muscles by mastering a particular movement.

Pull towards your goals

Blanche and Esther talk about the importance of creating attraction rather than adding restrictions to your goal setting habits

Taking the distractions out of listening to your body

Blanche and Esther identify four ways our brain tries to drown out the ability to listen to our bodies and how to silence those distractions.

How to "listen to your body"

Blanche and Esther demystify how to "listen to your body."

Birth stories, part 3

Blanche shares her youngest sons' birth stories on our podcast

Birth stories, part 2

Blanche shares the story of the birth of her first son as part of our series that focuses on how each birth is unique and transformative. Enter into our 50th episod...

Birth stories, part 1

Esther and Blanche start a mini series where they share their birth stories on the podcast

Outcome-based vs. Behavior-based Goals

Blanche and Esther dissect the difference between outcome-based and behavior-based goals

Mental health + parenthood + pandemic

Blanche and Esther talk about how to navigate big thoughts and emotions surrounding motherhood and mental health after one year of living in a post-pandemic world.

Build your Birth Team

Esther and Blanche break down the importance of who you include in your inner circle of preparing for and walking through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Find your birth provider

OB? Midwife? Hospital? Home birth? Birthing center? Blanche and Esther talk about how to find the right birth provider to fit your needs

How aerobic capacity and heart rate training precede growth

Blanche and Esther talk about how to train not only our muscles but our aerobic capacity

Minimize the dose, maximize the results

Blanche and Esther talk about the minimum dose effect.

Pregnancy is a specific training stage

Blanche and Esther break down the logistics of training in pregnancy

Mindset Mini: Nix the "All or Nothing"

Blanche and Esther are bringing it this week with a mindset mini, a shorter episode packed with a punch, This week's episode is all about getting rid of the toxic "All...

Goal Setting: From Intention to Implementation

New year new goals. Blanche and Esther talk about how to set intention and take actionable steps to make your goals a reality.

Fall/Winter Q&A

Esther and Blanche jump into the new year giving personal and podcast updates and answering your questions.

See ya in 2021!

Blanche and Esther are kicking back and taking the rest of the year in stride. Hear a glimpse of their goals for the next year and reflection on how they choose to end...

Healthy Holiday Habits: Part 3, The Mindset

Finishing up our Healthy Holiday Habits miniseries just in time for Thanksgiving. We know this time of year can be tough, but Blanche and Esther talk strategies for be...

Healthy Holiday Habits: Part 2, The Movement

Blanche and Esther are halfway through their 3-part mini-series on how to plan food, movement and mindset into the holidays. So let's talk about getting those bodies m...

Healthy Holiday Habits: Part 1, The Menu

Blanche and Esther talk about having a plan and achieving balance. Let's talk about finding foods that fit your goals while enjoying holiday treats on the first of 3 e...

Consistency is queen

Blanche and Esther talk about how maintaining consistent workouts help you accomplish your physical goals

Finding self-care through fitness

Blanche and Esther talk about how fitness falls into the category of self-care

Burn bright not burnout

Blanche and Esther talk how to recognize, avoid and prevent burnout

Seasons of Strength: Low-impact exercises for postpartum

Blanche and Esther talk about incorporating twists, inversions and overheads in postpartum

Seasons of Strength: low-impact exercises for pregnancy

Blanche and Esther talk about incorporating twists, inversions and overheads in pregnancy

Seasons of Strength: Low-impact exercises before baby

Blanche and Esther record their second Seasons of Strength series, which highlights low-impact exercises targeting specific muscle groups from preconception, to pregna...

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